101 Blender Drinks

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A James Beard honored mixologist presents this new addition to the 101 Cocktails series, providing over 100 recipes for blender drinks emphasizing fresh fruits and herbs that put a new twist on classic recipes.
Title: 101 Blender Drinks
Author: Haasarud, Kim/ Grablewski, Alexandra (PHT)
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Publication Date: 2010/05/24
Number of Pages: 128
Binding Type: HARDCOVER
Library of Congress: 2009023916
Frozen drinks make an ideal summertime treat for backyard barbecues and rooftop parties, but many of us disregard that there are far more options than just frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and piña coladas. 101 Blender Drinks includes the entire classics, but also shows you methods to turn your favorite cocktails into icy cold, refreshing frozen delights-Cosmopolitans, sangrias, bellinis, and mojitos can all be converted to frozen treats. There may be also quite a few creative, one-of-a-kind creations like Yuzu Cucumber Freeze or Guava Lava Passion.

But there are far more options than just drinks with alcohol. What about a cold frozen dessert like Frozen Oreo Cookie or Cool Caramel Flan? Frozen drinks are a good way to cool down all through the summer heat. This book offers creative, refreshing options that go far beyond the classics.

  • 101 recipes illustrated with brilliant four-color photographs all the way through
  • Recipes emphasize fresh fruits, herbs, and other ingredients for bold and fresh tasting frozen drinks
  • Author Kim Haasarud is a James Beard honored mixologist and the founder of Liquid Architecture, a Los Angeles–based beverage consultancy

With creativity, imagination, and quite a few ice, 101 Blender Drinks will keep your summer get-togethers fun and refreshing.

Recipe Excerpts from 101 Blender Drinks

Watermelon-Basil Margarita

Kim’s Ultimate Piña Colada

Frozen Grasshopper

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